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Tax Declaration in Dubai

In United Arab Emirates, Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is main organization to control tax rules. in UAE there are two type of tax:

VAT (Value Added Tax)Excise Tax Mostly, Excise Tax will be receive on cigarette and Tobacco trading.
How to declare tax in Dubai (UAE) Mainly, there are two way, 1- By an accredited tax auditor  2- By an accounting software
A tax auditor will prepare an official report of accounting transactions in organization format and offer it to FTA of UAE but in Dubai there is an online portal to declare tax and so that, you can export tax audit file from an accounting software and submit this file to e-portal of tax in Dubai.  Therefore, tax accounting software allows for the automation of all tax-based responsibilities, i.e., keeping track of records, payments, file returns, etc., saving businesses time and money.  (Text by Tax government in Dubai) Tax report of an accounting software should export:

FTA audit fileVAT return filTax invoices and credit/debit notes

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It is very important to test and trust an accounting software before any payment in Dubai. time is very limited in United Arab Emirates and nobody like to argue on subject of refund money that it make more stress.
so as you see and regard to consumer rights rule in Dubai, the most shops put their products a sample for test.

For example, when you step in a mobile shop in Mall of Emirates, you can test and work with all mobile phones and then if you see it is suitable for you then you can decide to buy.

Free version of iGreen accounting in Dubai Regard to consumer rights and for your trust, we offer out accounting software (iGreen) with a free version and install it on your computer, so that you can start to enter invoices and vouchers and print reports of stock and profit to check it 100% before any payment.

Download free version of iGreen accounting : www.igreensoftware.com7

Barcode labels for mobile stores in Dubai

If you have a mobile store in Dubai, you know sell mobile phones by barcode scanner is very easy and protect your business from loss and mistakes.
iGreen accounting software will print barcode label for your items when you enter their purchase vouchers.
Also iGreen will put purchase prices on labels in secret format so that, you and your salespersons can recognize how much is purchase prices of items.

This is a sample of barcode label by iGreen accounting,

to know more, please visit:

More easy accounting software

Every user and operator of iGreen accounting would like to be hassle free and use it without searching for the most wanted form or report.
So that we added types of view in dashboard of iGreen accounting to change menu of dashboard regard to type of your business.
For example, a mobile shop accounting, menu of invoice, IMEI tracing, purchase , cash payment , cash receipt and barcode label will be in dasgboard. As a travel agency software, menu of visa entry, tour packages, hotel reservations and ticket issue will be in view of dashboard.
Also the is a view as name Advanced to show user all menu of iGreen accounting.
For more information please visit official site of igreen accounting:

Sales Commission in Accounting software

Nowadays, most companies and shops pay sales commission to their stuff to force them sell more.

More sales for any company have two basic benefits:

More salaries for sales employeeMore profits for business owners but report of sales and total commission for each sales person is very important, so that an accounting software could do it very well. iGreen accounting software has this option and you can add salesperson, select them in invoice and see report of their commission with ease
to know more, please click on this link: